The Glycerin 13 is Brookes premier traditionally neutral runner boasting Super DNA cushioning technology which provides up to 25% more cushioning than its predecessor, giving a soft landing under foot for even the heavier striking runners. The 3D printed seamless upper reduces shearing, minimising the possibility of blistering in a properly fitted shoe and gives a mild support as it hugs the foot with the addition of the aptly named saddle wraps.
Brookes claims the shoe to have ideal pressure zones throughout the outsole and a rounded heel which keeps the body in its ideal alignment. As discussed in; and the body will naturally find its best striking pattern to minimise metabolic cost if said individual is not trying to specifically follow a particular type of running techniques, therefore the idea of having ideal pressure zones is very much debatable as a concept. Secondly, the rounded heel to keep the body in ideal alignment is also a questionable statement. The reasons for this is that;

  • Your hips direct where your foot lands in most cases
  • Forefoot and midfoot strikers will not utilize said technology
  • Frontal plane movement is only one aspect of a mobile foot

So how did the wear-in of the shoe go?

External Factors

Distance of runs 5km Terrain Weather My Mood Injuries/Niggles Subjective Run Score
Run One Footpath/road Very windy Good Nil 9/10
Run Two Footpath/road Windy Very good Nil 9/10
Run Three Road only Humid Very good Nil 8/10
Run Four Road only Mild Good Niggles in forefoot 8/10
Run Five Hills/ Road Mild Good Niggles in forefoot 9/10

* Each section is completed with as accurate as possible subjective information.

Intrinsic factors

Distance of runs 5km Rearfoot Cushioning Forefoot Cushioning Rearfoot Support Energy Feedback/Ride Technology Score
Run One 2.5 2.5 1 2.5 8.5
Run Two 2.5 2.5 1 2.5 8.5
Run Three 2.5 2.5 1 2 8
Run Four 2.5 2.5 1 2.5 8.5
Run Five 2.5 2.5 1 1 7

** Each section is completed with a score out of 2.5 for an overall score out of 10 per run.

Subjective review:

The Glycerin 13 was a very comfortable neutral runner, if you have read my disclaimer on the Reviews page you will notice that most shoes I generally wear offer some type of medial posting or support. The shoe has a stiff midsole and heel counter with a beautiful sock liner cushion which feels amazing when you put them on your feet.
Subjectively over the 5 x 5km runs the shoe scored an 8.6/10 for me personally, the technologies faired similarly with a score of 8.1/10. It is not believed that either the weather or my mood at the time had an influence on the score provided however, mild niggles in the forefoot during the fourth and fifth run especially on the hills revealed a less than perfect feel. Additionally, rearfoot support was rated low due to the neutral nature of the footwear not providing much more than a firm heel counter.

Who the shoe would suit best:

The Brookes Glycerin 13 would best suit active people under approximately 100kg (see DYAD for +100kg). The price point is suited to those who would prefer a runner with leisurely cushioning or an individual that takes their activity seriously. The curved last and neutral stance of the shoe indicated a less pronated foot would find this design more comfortable and width options in both male and female styles support this with standard B female and D male widths available.
Importantly it should be noted that at least a ½ size bigger than standard is required in most people due to the shape of the forefoot coming to a centre point and brushing against the medial side of the first toe.

Jackson McCosker
Director /Chief Editor





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