Subjective review:
Creating a soft but responsive landing at ground contact the Guide 8 allows your legs to move seamlessly through the motions without feeling like you are working increasingly hard against an over cushioned shoe. The semi-straight last allows for orthotics to slip in easily and the mild-moderate support did not over correct my gait or noticeably increase pressures under foot.
The Guide 8 although noted as a standard D width does feel slightly wider than its counter-parts and would be suitable for someone who has trouble fitting into a most off the shelf runners.

External factors influence: Very little external factors affected my run, running on grass was slightly harder due to soft substance underfoot reducing rebound and responsiveness. The niggles disclosed in the subjective table was due to a sudden increase in barefoot gym training and not due to the shoes at all.

Does it meet claims?: Mostly yes, I would say the Saucony Guide 8 does meet the claims of the company as it does provide a plush feel under foot and a light to moderate support.

Why points lost:  The reason for points being lost is not necessarily a bad thing. In fact points being lost actually places Saucony’s own assessment of the shoe in-line with what had been found and that is that the shoe is responsive and not over-cushioned while providing mild-moderate support.

Who the shoe would suit best:  The Guide 8 would suit most mild- moderate pronators or those with a slightly wider foot. Additionally, placing a supinated foot type in this shoe is not such a stretch that they may be over-corrected. Furthermore, the sister shoe to the Guide 8, the Ride 8 is a neutral shoe with similar properties minus the EVA medial posting.
Runner Review Score Card

Cushioning:         Plush
Support:               Dual density SSL EVA medial post
Last Shape:         semi-straight
Materials:            EVA, Blown Rubber, Carbon Rubber and Synthetics
Claims:                 ultimate training partner for runners seeking a plush feel with moderate support

Shoe Type: Traditional


External Factors

Distance of runs 5km Terrain Weather My Mood Injuries/Niggles Subjective Run Score
Run One Road Overcast Relaxed Nil 9/10
Run Two Footpath Sunny Happy Slight foot pain 7.5/10
Run Three Road Sunny Happy Less foot pain 8/10
Run Four Road Overcast/humid Happy Nil 9/10
Run Five Grass Sunny Happy Stiff Shoulders 7/10

* Each section is completed with as accurate as possible subjective information.

Intrinsic factors

Distance of runs 5km Rearfoot Cushioning Forefoot Cushioning Rearfoot Support Energy Feedback/Ride Technology  Score
Run One 2 2.5 2.5 2 9
Run Two 1.5 2 2.5 2 8
Run Three 2 2 2.5 2 8.5
Run Four 2 2.5 2.5 2 9
Run Five 2 2.5 2.5 2 9

** Each section is completed with a score out of 2.5 for an overall score out of 10 per run.

A Thank you to the company and explanation that this is simply one person’s view on a shoe which may simply not been correct for their foot type ect

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