Quick Fire Questions With Trent Croad : An Interview By Sam Davies Part II

This Article was first published on behalf of Frankston Foot Clinic


Croad3SD: Hardest player to play on and why?

TC: Alistair Lynch. Just sheer power. When he was playing for Brisbane, you’d look up the ground and see Lappin, Power, Black and Voss and I was standing by myself, aged 19 in the goal square about to be thrown by someone that can bench-press 300kg. It made me want to pretty good on the last line

Best career moment?

Winning the premiership but also seeing my mate Luke Hodge win the Norm Smith medal and for Crawf (Shane Crawford) to finally get one in the end.

Any pre-game superstitions?

Yeah quite a few. I’m a clean freak so I would vacuum the house and clean the night before. Always wore black jocks. Also be well manicured and look good. The thing we always used to say was to play well was, Look Good; Feel Good; Play Good. Get it all done.And the last one. There is a rumour that you have misplaced your premiership medal. Any truth to that?

There is. If someone out there has got it, could you please let me know and get it to me. Or if the AFL could get me another one as I don’t have it

SD: Thanks a lot Trent for meeting with us today, really appreciate it. Good luck with the new business.

TC: Too easy. Thank-you

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