An Inside Look at Game Preparation with Richmond FC Player Brandon Ellis

Today, I catch up with Richmond Football Club’s Brandon Ellis and find out what he does to prepare himself for a game and how things have changed over the last six years.


You were picked up by RFC in the 2011 draft after working your way up through a number of representative and associate teams. How has your preparation before a game changed in that time and is there any superstitions or traditions you take part in?

My game prep hasn’t changed that much, I still go to my parents house for a feed the night before a game if we’re playing in Melbourne, if I’m interstate ill go get some thai with a few of the boys. I put my left sock on first then right sock, left boot, right boot. only on game day this happens haha not sure why but I’ve always been like that.

In the 6 years you have been playing at AFL level you have had a minimal number of missed games. What do you believe keeps you on the park so consistently without injury?

I believe what has kept me on the park consistently is that i look after my body so much because at the end of the day its my most important tool. I do an extra gym session/core session on my day off followed by getting a 2 hour massage. I source out and get osteo the day before a game also, if I’m interstate i will go to the osteo the day we leave or 2 days before.

Talking about injuries, has there been anything of significance over your football career which you think may have been of larger hindrance if not taken care of as soon as it had been? And how did you handle those injuries?

I have rally only had a scope on my shoulder thats been my biggest injury but that happened in the off season so i didn’t miss anything. I did my hamstring in my 2nd year which made me miss 2 weeks but other than that I’ve been pretty lucky *touchwood

What footy boots and general footwear to you typically wear and is that associated with a sponsorship deal?B_Ellis2.jpg

I grew up wearing all sorts of different boots, whatever my parents could afford, when i got drafted i wore adidas before i come onboard with Puma the last 2 years.

When your not training, playing or preparing for a game, how do you typically relax?

Brandon:I like to go out for lunches and dinners. I love going for walks and listening to music and also my biggest relaxation is i love to nap more than anything. Its so important for your body.

What is your favourite type of training you do at the club, why and what advantages do you believe it delivers to your game.

I love being in the gym and doing weights. I believe it has helped me get so much stronger and I’m so much more confident in my body that when game day comes i can absorb the big hits and my body can cope with the niggles that come out of the game.

Thanks Brandon

Until Next Time

Jackson McCosker
Director/ Chief Editor

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