About FootNotes

FootNotes Blogging was established by podiatrist Jackson McCosker in 2014 as a means of motivation to stay up to date with current evidence, clinical practice management, increasing client base and building professional credibility among peers and community organizations at all levels. FootNotes Blogging aims to provide accurate, up to date and well thought out management information in both a professional and entertaining format.
Although evidence based management is promoted within the forum, it should also be noted that much of that published by FootNotes Blogging is subjective in nature and general in suggested management practices. It is recommended that those reading seek one on one medical advice from a medical practitioner or podiatrist before following any advice [as per disclaimer].

Following the positive response Jackson had to his free articles available to the public, he decided to develop a business plan which stayed true to the origins of the EBM website but supplied an additive to those running a private practice and wanted to stay in touch with current clientele.

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